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About Jumping Stone Productions

Jumping Stone is an award winning full-service commercial photography company providing world-class still, panorama, and video imagery and sound to diverse clients.  Our professional team of creative perfectionists are brand obsessed.  We do not rest until we exceed expectations - yours and ours.  Our focus includes creativity, responsiveness, urgency, timeliness, budget, composition, acuity, resolution, sharpness, white balance, background choice, models, communication, sensitivity, color rendition, problem solving, post-production, financing, and every other consideration that contributes to unexcelled imagery and fabulous customer service.  We have an incredibly broad base of experience based on many years of service, so we add value to everything we touch.  We are Google Certified Trusted Photographers, and have been awarded the prestigious and rare Top Performer status by Google.  We have pricing plans available to suit any budget.  If you want the finest photography available, there simply is no other choice.  Please call us to view our portfolio and receive a no obligation consultation.  

Take a look at the night photo we did for Ford. It was shot from the bed of a pickup truck on a tall tripod so the angle would be right. Notice the clarity of the cars inside the showroom. Secret sauce? No, just impeccable shot discipline. You will be thrilled with your images, and you will still have the best virtual tour available anywhere.

Larry Irwin, Director Of Photography

Larry Irwin has been publishing great photographs since he was nine.  The first was of his baby sitter at her first dance recital using a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye complete with exploding flashbulbs.  His first SLR was the classic Minolta SRT101, so he obviously came up in film.  Larry credits positive transparency film - slides which have almost no exposure latitude - as the reason he gets it right in the camera.  He later graduated to Nikon and Hasselblad and more recently Sony and ARRI for video, with brief stops at Mamiya and Bronica.  Larry is affiliated with and consults for Adorama.  He has been called a perfectionist by his clients, which he views as a badge of honor.  He admits that “anal, sick, and obsessed with his work” are also accurate, as is “direct to a fault.”  Larry believes in Chris Rock’s Rigorous Honesty.  You will always get a straight answer from Larry, and he will always do what he says he is going to do.  He firmly believes that Jumping Stone’s portfolio is dispositive that he can create the best photographic imagery on this planet.  Larry excels at both the artistic/creative and technical sides of photography, and views himself to be first and foremost a problem solver – he finds nothing more fulfilling than to be able to solve what seems to be an insoluble problem.    He is a Certified PSIA Ski Instructor.  He reads, cooks, studies and collects wine, plays golf (his lowest index was 4, but is too busy shooting to maintain it) when he is not spending time with friends and family.  Larry believes strongly in mentoring.  He is fortunate to have had great mentors, and meets his obligation to give back by mentoring others.  In a previous life, Larry was also very involved in landscape architecture - he designed, for example, the exteriors of Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia, The Ace Club, and 30th Street Station, where he served on the Board for eight years. Larry is particularly proud of having been chosen to photograph the Muhammad Ali Childhood Home Museum in Louisville, Kentucky.  Mr. Ali is Larry’s all-time hero because of the incredible integrity he displayed in forfeiting his Heavyweight Title by refusing to support the Vietnam War.  Because of his complete commitment to everything he undertakes, Larry’s involvement in any project ensures its successful outcome.